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General Information

Scallywags is located at Turton & Edgworth C.E./Methodist Primary School, Bolton Road, Edgworth ,Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 0AH


TRUSTEES ANNUAL REPORT for Year Ending 31st August 2017 Scallywags Pre-School (Edgworth) Registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Charity No. 1171204

Bolton Road, Edgworth, BL7 0AH


This has been a challenging and rewarding year for the staff and voluntary committee.  In May this year, Scallywags became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  This was a 9 month process which involved a considerable amount of paperwork, and a ‘pre-registration visit’ from OFSTED.  The CIO is a legal entity in its own right and can hold property, and therefore we were able to transfer our lease to the CIO and release the 2 committee members who formerly acted as Custodian Trustees.  Additionally, the CIO has limited liability, which is more favourable for the organisation going forward. The completion of the process has also enabled us to update our banking systems so that we can now make electronic payments to staff.  


Scallywags has now completed its sixth year at at Turton and Edgworth Primary School. We are hoping in the coming year to continue to build on our relationship with school and strengthen the partnership, especially in light of the forthcoming appointment of a new head teacher. As part of our agreement with school, we have termly meetings that seek to develop links and make the most of the skills, resources and funding available to both organisations to further our aims. We are also required to submit a termly report to school, informing them of news and developments at Scallywags.

In spring of 2013, the OFSTED inspection found Scallywags to be ‘OUTSTANDING’ across all areas. Our over-riding aim is to maintain and improve upon on this level of care. The pre-registration visit we received earlier this year did not result in a grading, but merely an approval to proceed to be registered as a CIO, so we are due to be inspected in the next 30 months.

Financial Overview

The first financial period for Scallywags Pre-school (Edgworth) CIO was from the 19 January 2017 to the 31 August 2017. Operationally however, the charity was only effective from the date of registration with OFSTED, on the 25 May 2017, so there is only 3 months worth of transactions accounted for in this reporting period. We will see the full 12 months going forward.


During the accounting period payments exceeded receipts by £1,500. While it is difficult to draw any conclusions, this deficit is largely a result of looking at a short financial period and us not seeing a full year’s transactions. For example £1,000 worth of deposits were returned to parents of children leaving to school in July, but incoming deposits are received during the whole year. Fee income of £17,800 during the financial period just exceeded the ongoing costs of the setting of payroll and premises/ catering costs, which amounted to £17,570. 


The charity is in a healthy position with respect to it’s reserves, and the trustees will continue to look at how best to deploy any amounts held in excess of the reserves policy.


Fundraising and Community Links

A variety of community-centred events have further raised the profile of Scallywags in the village, including: the children competing in their own Mini-Mighty 5k run, and regular ‘Bedtime Story’ events where the children return to Scallywags in the evening in their pyjamas to be read a story by a friend of Scallywags.  Events like the Mini Mighty 5k run are major undertakings, involving considerable organisation and time commitment from the committee, staff, parents and teachers at school. They are also hugely enjoyable for all concerned. 

Staff Issues

Scallywags’ greatest asset is its staff.  They are extremely hard working and committed, and always put together a varied and exciting selection of activities for the children over the course of the year.  Zoe has recently gone on maternity leave, following the birth of her baby girl in August this year.  We wish her well for the year ahead, and look forward to welcoming her back when she is ready to return.  All members of staff have continued to develop their experience through relevant training courses and events.

The voluntary management committee have also worked very hard this year, particularly to ensure the smooth transition to the CIO status. Rachael, our outgoing treasurer, is worthy of special mention for the amount of work she has put in to see the process through, involving filling in multiple forms for pensions and HMRC, producing several sets of accounts, and setting up our online banking system, all whilst experiencing the frustrating faceless bureaucracy that is often characteristic of large organisations. We are also saying goodbye to a number of longstanding committee members at this point, including our former chair, Lesley, who has been the driving force behind the exceptional fund raising community activities Scallywags has run in recent years, and also Kerry Lynch and Elinor Whitlock, who have been committee members for some 7 years, carrying out a number of duties between them, including admissions, secretary and OFSTED contact. We would like to thank them for their hard work. Jill Stirling, our outgoing secretary, who has also overseen our website and logo design for the last 4 years, and Nikki Barlow, IT superstar, are also stepping down, however Nikki has kindly offered her ongoing support with technical issues. We thank them both for their immense support to date. Nichola Turner has done a great job of the fees and invoicing job over the last year, and we are grateful to her for that. I am also stepping down, after 3 years as Chair, and 5 years on the committee.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in the running of such a lovely place. We have a healthy contingent of new and existing committee members who will be taking things forward from this point, and among their number are some highly skilled and organised individuals, and we look forward to seeing what their input will bring. The whole team has once again this year risen to the challenge and worked hard to ensure that Scallywags retains its position as both a valuable and viable asset to the community. Scallywags Pre-school can certainly pride itself on continuing to provide excellent quality, but also affordable pre-school education within Edgworth.


Statement of Trustees’ Responsibilities

The constitution specifies the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees, and new trustees will find a copy in their packs.  As part of the CIO process, Scallywags adopted a new constitution this year - the Pre-School Learning Alliance Model CIO Constitution for Childcare Providers 2013. As of the AGM, Scallywags will have 9 trustees, all of whom are parents of children currently attending the setting (the constitution provides that ideally at least 2/3 trustees should be parents of children currently attending the setting). The committee to date has been made up of 3 elected officers; the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, however, this set up is not strictly necessary under the CIO, and as such the committee will from now operate slightly differently.  Meetings will be chaired on a rotational basis, and the employment committee (consisting of 3 people - Robin, Catherine and Nicola Johnston) will undertake some of the duties of the former Chair.  Helen Shaw has agreed to continue with admissions and safeguarding, and also to be named as Chair where required in our registrations with various bodies (e.g. Charities Commission).  Sherril Pilkington will be taking on the treasurer’s duties, and Nicola Wilson the secretary’s duties. Sandra Shirreff has recently taken over fees and invoicing, and is happy to continue with this. We would like to thank Helen and Sandra for their hard work over the last year.

Last year we appointed our manager, Susan Langley, as a trustee, and this appointment of a paid staff member as a trustee was approved by the Charities Commission. Susan fulfils the role of OFSTED Nominated Person. With her extensive training in childcare and the EYFS, the committee and management team feel that she is best placed to continue with this role. 


Signed at the Annual General Meeting – 10th November 2017 Amanda Sheppard – Chair of Committee

Trustees: November 2016 – November 2017

Amanda Sheppard (Chair)

Rachael Titmuss (Treasurer)

Jill Stirling (Secretary)

Lesley Westhead 

Elinor Whitlock 

Kerry Lynch

Vanessa McDermott

Sandra Shirreff

Helen Shaw

Nichola Turner

Sherril Pilkington

Nicola Wilson 

Susan Langley

Nikki Barlow

Trustees being elected or re-elected at the AGM

Vanessa McDermott

Sandra Shirreff

Helen Shaw

Sherril Pilkington

Nicola Wilson

Susan Langley

Robin Stirzaker-Phillips

Catherine Jones

Nicola Johnston


Attached: Cash Flow Statements May-August 2017


Session Times

Monday 9.00-11.45 (Lunch for full-day children 11.45-12.45 ) 12.45-3.15
Tuesday 9.00-11.45 (Lunch for full-day children 11.45-12.45) 12.45-3.15
Wednesday 9.00-11.45 (Lunch for full-day children 11.45 -12.45) 12.45-3.15
Thursday 9.00-11.45 (Lunch for full-day children 11.45-12.45) 12.45-3.15
Friday 9.00-11.45 (Lunch for full-day children 11.45-12.45) 12.45-3.15


Morning sessions are £14.44 plus a charge of £5.25 if your child is staying for lunch. Afternoon sessions are £13.33. Fees are still due if your child is sick or on holiday. Fees are due at the beginning of each calendar month. Fees are NOT due if your child is hospitalised for a long time or on public holidays and during school holidays. Late payment may result in an extra charge.


Please do not hesitate to contact the pre-school if you have any worries or concerns. Our number is 01204 853720.

Please note that staff will only be available at the above times (answering machine out of hours).


A healthy snack is provided for the children during sessions. Milk or water is provided at snack time and water is freely available at all times. We have joined the 'smiles for life' campaign which promotes healthy teeth.

Lunch Times

Scallywags do not provide lunches. Parents are required to bring a packed lunch. Please put your child's lunch in a named lunch box. It is helpful if spoons are provided for yogurts and no sweets or fizzy drinks please.


Toys from home are not encouraged in the group as if they get lost it can be distressing for the children. We accept comfort toys (blankets, teddy, dummy etc.) may be needed.

Equal Opportunities Policy

We believe that no child, individuals or family should be excluded from the pre-school activities on the grounds of gender, class, family status, colour, ethnic origin, cultural or religious views.